Recruitment of Public Servants digitized in Rwanda

An effective recruitment and selection management process is critical to ensure the required capacity for effective and responsive Public Institutions. It is expected to lead to a timely, effective and transparent selection of Public Servants.  As part of its quest to digitalize service delivery across the Public Sector, the Government of Rwanda initiated the “Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System” (IPPIS). One of the modules of this important solution is the recently launched E-recruitment. 

Established by the Presidential Order Presidential  order  n°144/01  of 13/04/2017  determining  modalities for  recruitment,  appointment and  nomination  of  public servants, E-recruitment is the sole arena for recruitment of public servants. Since its launch on the 1st May 2017 this online platform has helped reduce the cost of recruitment and eased access to the public service for job seekers living in Rwanda and the diaspora.  

This is the view of various applicants who are using the service to search for a job. “Placing job advertisements on the Internet is a lot cheaper than placing them in newspapers, magazines and other media. In addition, the automated application process can immediately provide feedback to candidates who are qualified or not suitable for the position, this is an outstanding achievement for the Government of Rwanda.” Disclosed J. Damascene Uwayo, who tried e-recruitment.

“The Internet's virtually instantaneous global reach means Public Institutions have the advantage of reaching a much broader pool of candidates, which increases the chances of finding the right candidate. This is particularly important for Public Service that are recruiting in fields where the brain drain has hit.” Said Darius Murangwa who is serving in Public Service.

The effective implementation of IPPIS is an important achievement towards the attainment of the goal V.100 of the 7 Year Government Program which targets to digitalize 100% of public service delivery by 2024. 

E-recruitment is easy, simplified, secure and transparent framework to recruit public Servants. It is accessible on a dedicated portal: recruitment.mifotra.gov.rw. Request for assistance or need for additional information are address by email sent to support@mifotra.gov.rw. 

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