Rwanda has developed a Five Year Program for skills development to deliver EDPRS II

Rwanda needs the skills, knowledge and attitudes to support the transition to a middle income country

A Five Year Program for skills development to deliver EDPRS II (2013-2018) has been developed to address the critical and scarce skills gap in the following high priority sectors:
-     Infrastructure
-    Agriculture
-    Natural Resources
-    Investment, Trade and Industry
-    ICT
-    Health and Education.

The Study has revealed that highly skilled labour is needed to help address identified sector specific needs – particularly at the technician and professional
levels in the aforementioned Sectors.

To resolve the current status, the Program envisages more focus on science and technology skills and includes several strategies to address identified gaps.

The Government of Rwanda recognizes the need for qualified and skilled human resources to address the imbalance in the supply and demand of skilled labour. It is committed to ensuring that there are skilled workers on the labour market.

Private investment in skills development will result in increased national capacity, job opportunities for the youth, and increased private sector competitiveness while ensuring the value for money.

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