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Rwanda joins the World to celebrate OSH World Day

Every year on 28th April the World celebrates the  World Day of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). This Day is an opportunity to raise more awareness on the promotion of Occupational Safety and Health in Workplaces where the Employers are urged to comply with OSH Standards.
This Year Rwanda joins the rest of the World to celebrate OSH World Day under the Theme of:  “Optimize the Collection and Use of Data, a Key for Prevention Measures”.
OSH Day in Rwanda will be celebrated on 28th April, 2017 at COPABAMANYI; a Mining Cooperative located in Bugesera District, Western  Province.
The 2017 OSH World Day will be the opportunity to raise awareness on the Prevention and Control of occupational  hazards and iassociated risks. It will also draw a platform to raise awareness on the importance of recording, notification and reporting of OSH Data in all Economic Sectors.
The Day will be marked by various activities inter alia visiting the mining company layout, medical screening of Workers and awareness raising.
Celebrations will be jointly organized and attended by employers and workers from Government, Private Sctor, Trade Unions and Civil Society.


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Judith Uwizeye
Permanent Secretary
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