Africans need and deserve excellent service delivery – Premier Murekezi

Kigali, 21 June 2017 – Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi has reminded public servants from across Africa that Africans need and deserve excellent service delivery.
The Premier made the remarks today in Kigali, while addressing delegates attending the Africa Public Service Day Conference (APSD), which runs from 21-23 June 2017.
Themed “Entrenching a citizen-centred service delivery culture: Partnership with the youth for Africa’s transformation,” the gathering – which originated from the first conference of African Ministers for Civil/Public Service in Tangiers, Morocco in 1994 – attracts Public Service Ministers from African Union member states.
Prime Minister Murekezi pointed out that quality service delivery goes with involving citizens in the continent’s socio-economic transformation.  
“It is our responsibility to serve African citizens with integrity and dedication in order to transform Africa into a well-governed continent, free of corruption, characterized by fast economic growth and above all, a dignified continent,” PM Murekezi told stakeholders in the public sector convened at the Kigali Convention Centre.   
To improve service delivery, Premier Murekezi encourages African countries to reflect on the challenges hindering quality service delivery in the public sector and devise ways to address them. These include lack of professionalism, unethical behaviour, and mismanagement of public funds.
Sharing Rwanda’s example, the Premier explained that through the Rwanda Governance Scorecard, the Government of Rwanda is able to monitor and evaluate the quality of public services vis-à-vis citizens’ satisfaction.
The conference tackles a wide range of issues including:
•    Partnering with the youth to build a responsible and sustainable public service
•    Nurturing a culture of professionalism and ethical values in Africa’s Public Service
•    Promoting self-reliance and empowerment of African youth for socio-economic development
•    And leveraging ICT skills for quality service delivery.
Over the course of three days, 21-23 June 2017, delegates at APSD will acknowledge and reward excellence in the public sector, devise ways to enhance professionalism, and share best practices for possible replication across the continent.
The event is co-organised by the African Union Department of Political Affairs and the Government of Rwanda.

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