RMI and Stakeholders commit to modernizing human capital development

On Thursday 29th June, 2017 at MuhangaRwanda Management Institute (RMI) Campus; Hon. Judith Uwizeye, Minister of Public Service and Labour  presided over the official opening of the Rwanda Management Institute (RMI) Open Day themed: “Connecting People to build capacities”.

The Event brought together RMI Stakeholders from both the Public Sctor, the Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations and was intended to share the contribution of RMI to the human capacity development endeavor and receive useful feedback from the participants that would help  to revamp its strategic orientation and improve its various operations.


Hon. Minister of Public Service and Labour; Judith Uwizeyereminded that the policy and legal frameworks in place provide an enabling environment for all training, research and consultancy  providers to offer services that respond well to labour market needs and urged RMI to contribute to filling skills gaps on the Rwandan Labour Market.

Further, Hon. Judith UWIZEYE commended RMI’s new approach of using e-learning to enhance access to its services, increase the number of trainees and complement the face to face approach and appreciated the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Program that RMI will be implementing to promote digital literacy in Rwanda in partnership of ICDL Africa. 

Further, Minister Uwizeyeurged RMI to start the provision of induction courses to help employees get new skills and adapt to their  new assignments for better performance. .

Wellars GASAMAGERA, Director General of RMI noted that the E-learning Program will not only boost the number of trainees, but also it should help in terms of quality, affordability, and accessibility of training through virtual learning centres opened in every province.

Law n°52/2013 of 28/06/2013 establishes Rwanda Management Institute (RMI) and determines its mission, organisation and functioning.  RMI is a Public training, research & consultancy Institution with a vision to be a Centre of Excellence offering fully-fledged market oriented services. 





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