A Delegation from Botswana on a study tour in Rwanda

This Tuesday 05th December, 2017 a Delegation of 6 People from Botswana led by Ms. Masego  Mokubung,  Director of Statistics and Research in the Human Resource Development Council of Botswana, paid a courtesy call to the Ministry of Public Service and Labour.  

This Delegation was received by Gaspard Musonera, Permanent Secretary and Senior Managers of MIFOTRA. 

Discussions centered on excellent efforts both countries have played in promoting employment and job creation and sharing  best practices in mainstreaming employment.

The Delegation from Botswana was also briefed on Labour Force Survey (LFS) in Rwanda, which is designed to provide stakeholders with bi-annual estimates of the main labour market indicators. Further, discussions covered  the Labour Market Information System (LMIS) that provides statistical data of employment in Rwanda.

Musonera said that the Government of Rwanda has made much effort in promoting entrepreneurship and Vocational training as ways of facilitating youth and women acquire employable skills and productive jobs. 

A Delegation from Botswana was also briefed on National Employment Program (NEP) which among others, aims at contributing to creation of 215,000 off-farm jobs per annum, with the majority of its beneficiaries being the Youth and Women.

“National Employment Program is articulated under EDPRS2 as a tool to strengthen the coordination of employment programs through the establishment of a framework for better planning, implementation and coordination of employment programs from different stakeholders engaged in job creation and employment promotion, the Government is committed to creating  215,000 off-farm jobs per year and 1,500,000 jobs by 2024, especially vulnerable youth and women will benefit from this program.” Disclosed Mwambari Faustin; Ag. Director General of Labour and Employment in MIFOTRA.

NEP is structured in 4 pillars namely (i) employability skills development, (ii) Entrepreneurship and Business Development (iii) Labour market intervention and (iv) Coordination and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Ms. Masego Mokubung and her Delegation appreciated the warm welcome received in Rwanda and committed to keep exchanging  knowledge between Human Resource Development Council of Botswana and Ministry of Public Sercice and Labour of Rwanda for mutual benefits. .

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