MIFOTRA Employees

Names Positions Email Address Telephone Contacts
RWANYINDO KAYIRANGWA Fanfan Minister frwanyindo@gov.rw 0788307907
Edmond TUBANAMBAZI Advisor to the Minister adv_minister@mifotra.gov.rw 0788300852
Jeanne MUSABYIMANA Administrative assistant min_admin_assistant@mifotra.gov.rw 0732754130
Gaspard MUSONERA Permanent secretary permanent_secretary@mifotra.gov.rw 0788351501
John KANYAMBO HR Management Specialist hrms@mifotra.gov.rw 0738599782
Agnès MUKANGENZI Administrative Assistant ps_admin_assistant@mifotra.gov.rw 0738549766
Tronellah Beatty MURORE Administrative Liaison Officer admin.liaison@mifotra.gov.rw 0730558117
Thierry MPAMO Public Relations and Communication Officer prc_officer@mifotra.gov.rw 0738687117
Esperance IRANDAGIYE procurement officer procurement_officer1@mifotra.gov.rw 0788473650
Lambert RUKWAYA procurement officer procurement_officer@mifotra.gov.rw 0788632102
Charlotte URUKUNDO Planning Unit Director planning.director@mifotra.gov.rw 0733577968
Emmanuel MUSABYIMANA Planning officer planner@mifotra.gov.rw 0788216191
Esdras RUTAZIHANA Monitoring and Evaluation Officer moneval@mifotra.gov.rw 0784433904
Jonathan DUSABE statistician statistics@mifotra.gov.rw 0783273457
Comfort MBABAZI Director General of General Directorate of Public Service Mgt & Devpt dg.psmd@mifotra.gov.rw 0788444903
Samuel NSENGIMANA Reform Policy & Organizational Structure Officer rposo@mifotra.gov.rw 0782225030
Micheline BIRORI Reform Policy & Organizational Structure Specialist rposs@mifotra.gov.rw 0788645022
Mellon KEMIREMBE Performance Management System Officer pmso@mifotra.gov.rw 0738140031
Augustin TWIZERIMANA Performance Management System Specialist pmss@mfotra.gov.rw 0783122286
Jane NINA Training & compliance officer training.compliance@mifotra.gov.rw 0782781460
Aimable NDAYISABA Legal Research and Reform Officer lrro@mifotra.gov.rw@mifotra.gov.rw 0782733316
NIYIKIZA Jean Baptiste Regulation and Compliance Officer regulation_compliance@mifotra.gov.rw 0789767350
Christine NIRERE Legal Affairs Officer legal_affair@mifotra.gov.rw@mifotra.gov.rw 0788485871
Marie Louise UCYEYE Legal Specialist legal.specialist@mifotra.gov.rw 0788742999
Alexis NTAGUNGIRA Public Service Management Unit Director psm.director@mifotra.gov.rw 0733305293
Tito KANYANKORE Remuneration & Reward Policy Specialist rrps@mifotra.gov.rw 0738682988
Rosine MUTEGWARABA Pension and Social Security Monitoring Officer psssmo@mifotra.gov.rw 0734362519
Jean Marie Vianney NIYIRORA HR Procedures and Administrative Acts Officer hrpada1@mifotra.gov.rw 0734557685
Elie NDAYISHIMIYE HR procedures & Administrative Acts Officer hrpada2@mifotra.gov.rw 0738686900
Claire UWAMAHORO Public Service Inspection & Advisory Services Specialist psia.specialist@mifotra.gov.rw 0788834391
Roger CYIZERE Public Service Inspection & Advisory Services Officer psias1@mifotra.gov.rw 0788390803
Janvier BIKORIMANA Public Service Delivery Inspector Officer psdi_officer2@mifotra.gov.rw 0781720487
Ghad MUSABYIMANA Public Service Delivery Inspector Officer psdi_officer1@mifotra.gov.rw 0783120803
Spéciose UWAMAHORO Filing System Management officer fsmo@mifotra.gov.rw 0733467064
Isaac HATEGEKIMANA Remuneration Analysis and Monitoring Officer ramo@mifotra.gov.rw 0788827382
Faustin MWAMBALI Labour Research & Employment Promotion Unit Director lrepro.director@mifotra.gov.rw 0738309459
UWIZEYIMANA Emmanuel Employment Policy and Labour Economist Specialist eples@mifotra.gov.rw 0788788389
MUGENYI Steven Employment Skills Development Specialist esd.specialist@mifotra.gov.rw 0783047329
Javan K NKUNDABAKURA Chief Labour Inspector chief_labour_inspector1@mifotra.gov.rw 0738454256
Fabien MBERABAGABO Director of Legal Affairs Unit director.legal@mifotra.gov.rw 0738824639
Patrick KANANGA Occupational Health and Safety Specialist oshs@mifotra.gov.rw 0788684207
Damien NZAMWITA Social Security and Child Labour social_security_childlabour@mifotra.gov.rw 0738082137
Moise RUSINGIZWA Secretary to the National Labour Council & Social Dialogue nlcsd_secretary@mifotra.gov.rw 0788469565
Julian RUGAZA Fiance and Administration Director daf@mifotra.gov.rw 0738627778
Francoise MUHONGERWA Secretary daf_secretary@mifotra.gov.rw 0738771713
Claire NYIRAMINANI Accountant accountant2@mifotra.gov.rw 0788826183
Sylvestre TWAHIRWA Accountant accountant1@mifotra.gov.rw 0788590013
Oscar MUNANA Human Resource Officer hr_officer@mifotra.gov.rw 0738838016
Jeanne D'Arc MUKANDEKEZI Logistics logistics_officer@mifotra.gov.rw 0732019274
Aimée Dhalie MUKANTAGANDA Documentation and Archives doc_archives@mifotra.gov.rw 0733808271
Cecile MUKANTABANA Head of the Central Secretariat cs_head@mifotra.gov.rw 0788605226
Antoinette INGABIRE Secretary in Central Secretariat cs_secretary1@mifotra.gov.rw 0785932799
Claire UWIMANA Secretary in Central Secretariat cs_secretary2@mifotra.gov.rw 0782741763
Aristote NARAYISENZE Network & System Security Specialist nsss@mifotra.gov.rw 0733365564
John NDANYUZWE Database and Application Administrator da_admin1@mifotra.gov.rw 0738087288
TWISHIME BAREKE Jean Nepo IPPIS Call Center Operator call_center_operator@mifotra.gov.rw 0788765539
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