Icyerekezo n'Ibyo Duteganya

Our Mission 

To reinforce the national labour standards, promote job creation and institutionalize an efficient and modern public service management framework that will enable private and public sector organizations to perform at their best and effectively contribute to improving the lives of the Rwandan population.


Our Vision 

To have an effective and result oriented public administration, delivering prompt services which are responsive to the basic needs and problems of the population, within the framework of good governance. To create a socio-economic environment promoting the generation of decent jobs that fight against poverty, and develop a national competitive labour force which is open to both regional and international markets.


Strategic Objectives

  • Modernize and Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration systems and processes 
  • Improve public sector capacity for reform 
  • Improve institutional capacity and effectiveness 
  • Promote gender equity 
  • Eradicate all forms of discrimination in the workplace 
  • Strengthen public service leadership 
  • Promote capacity building and skills development in the public and private sectors 
  • Promote effective accountability and good governance 
  • Foster social dialogue 
  • Eliminate all forms of corruption 
  • Promote employment creation 
  • Establish standards of work, ethics, competency and organization 
  • Enhance and sustain decentralization build compliance with international labour standards and conventions 
  • Be compliant with international labour standards and conventions




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